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The Jordan Brothers Limited Edition CD
"Todays Yesterdays"

$27.75 ($25 for album plus $2.75 for postage)

The Jordan Brothers album, with a collection of their best music. Below is a list of the tracks that are included with the CD album.

To Order:
Feel free to call (570) 915-6065 or email Frank Jordan at if you have any questions. Or simply include a check or money order care of Frank Jordan in the amount of $27.75 (album price $25 plus shipping), to the following address:
Frank Jordan
38 Pleasant hill Drive
Pine Grove, PA 17963

Track Listing:
Volume 1
1. The Jordan Theme (Jordan Bros.) - BMI
2. Send Me Your Picture (Jordan Bros. - Jordan)
3. Gimme Some Lovin' (Steve Winwod - Island Music)
4. Never Never (Dan Rollins - Jamie Music)
5. It's a Shame (Frank Jordan - Giordano Music) BMI
6. Whispering Wind (Frank & Joe Jordan - Jamie Jordan) BMI
7. What's Wrong With You Baby (T.Daryll & A.Komfeld - Seven Music Corp) BMI
8. The One That Got Away (Brian & Renzetti, Lantern Music/Renzy Music) BMI
9. Good Love Goes Bad (Frank Jordan) BMI
10. Break Down and Cry (Frank Jordan) BMI
11. Heart (Weil Mann - Al-Don) BMI
12. Gee Whiz (Thomas Vikki - Recordo Pub. Co.) BMI
13. Love's Made a Fool of You (Buddy Holly - Nor-Va-Jak) BMI
14. Good Times (M. Leander-C. Mills/Miller Music Corp) BMI

Volume 2
15. We'll Make It (Frank Jordan) Jamie Jordan - BMI
16. Be Mine (Menkas, Panas, Luth) Peer International Corp. - ASCAP
17. Dream Romance (R. Tayor, B. Cole) - Jamie Jordan - BMI
18. Things I Didn't Say (M. Garson, E. Shuman - Shapiro Bernstein & Corp) - ASCAP
19. It's You Girl (Lew Jordan) Giordano Pub. - BMI
20. Basin Street Rumble (Jordan Brothers) Jordan Pub.
21. Slow Gin (Jordan Brothers) Jordan Pub.
22. Sugar Lady (J. Day, A. Dischel) - Leeds Music - ASCAP
23. Please Tell Me Now (Jordan Brothers) Giordano Jamie Music - BMI
24. Lovers Never Say Goodbye (J. Johnson, P. Wilson) Ivy-Gee Music
25. Oh Lolly (Jordan Brothers) Jamie Jordan - BMI
26. Beach Party (John Bowie) Lantam Music - BMI

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